Motion Graphics Designer

Company Overview

"Vascommers" aim to deliver BRIGHT solution for your business. We have establish partnership with telecommunication companies and banks to build and develop branchless banking system, server based e-money system, and internal information systems. We enhance the experience of many business lines who need to grow and spread their market area towards many cities in Indonesia. Vascomm also working in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) to develop future technology like smart homes/office and smart city. At Vascomm, we believe that everything can be enhanced.

Service and product sometime is not just about technical system, it's also about good design, user interface and beauty. Design is categorized into several types, one of them is motion graphics design. This position uses visual design or video to communicate and idea concept or story. Someone who work as motion graphics designer should be creative, as well as be collaborative in their approach because they often work with business teams and marketing departments come up with a workable design.

Employee Benefits

8 Hours flexible Working Time

Fun working place

Support and Clear Supervision

Competitive Salary

Overtime and Business Trip fees

Health Insurance Program

Project commission 

Bonus Based Program

Employee Training and Development

Career Path

  • Responsible for the production of motion visual images and video digitally
  • Responsible for making promotional material, material for the company both print and digital (info graphic, video-graphic, etc)
  • Creating motion designs that is in accordance with the expectations and desires of the users
  • Develop new creative and innovative ideas for motion design
  • Work in teams to produce motion design
  • Complete the project by communicating with related parties
  • Conduct research and concept making for the project design according to the design brief that has been made with reference to valid data





  • Design Communication & Visual, Computer Engineering Background or related one
  • Team player
  • Have initiative and passion to drive new creative ideas
  • Attention to detail and can handle multiple projects on hand
  • Shareable design portfolio (Behance, Dribbble, Personal site, or Regular portfolio) showcasing your design work is a must.
  • Only candidate with portfolio will be selected.
  • Familiar with Motion Design related products (Ex: Adobe after effect, illustrator, premiere, final cut etc)