Database Administration

Company Overview

"Vascommers" aim to deliver BRIGHT solution for your business. We have established partnerships with telecommunication companies and banks to build and develop branchless banking systems, server-based e-money systems, and internal information systems. We enhance the experience of many business lines who need to grow and spread their market area towards many cities in Indonesia. Vascomm also working in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) to develop future technology like smart homes/offices and smart cities. At Vascomm, we believe that everything can be enhanced.

Developing application and systems need to be supported by the infrastructure of the system. One of the infrastructures is the database infrastructure. The one who handles those jobs is a database engineer. A database engineer work around infrastructure system and security to help installation, configuration, and deployment of server database.

  • Design a database architecture.
  • Configuring the software database.
  • Creating a database user and giving the user the power to access data.
  • Participate in design and development with developers.
  • Ensure data integrity, and monitor and improve database performance (optimization).
  • Helps facilitate data (CRUD) that cannot be done by the Helpdesk and DevOps teams.
  • Creating database documentation.




  • Educational degree in Information Engineering or System Information.
  • Having knowledge about Linux OS.
  • Understand the concepts of RDBMS and NoSQL.
  • Understand how to optimize the query.
  • Having advance knowledge on database queries an functions such as tirgger and stored procedure.
  • Understand the required database environment (Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, Casandra).
  • Understand how to configure a database environment for development and production purposes.
  • Able to define database structure patterns, storage structures, and access methods.
  • Able to analyze and anticipate system requirements.
  • Being able to analyze security holes that arise from databases created.
  • Having experience in Postgresql is a plus
  • Having certification or course in related filed.