Dept Collector / Collection Staf

Company Overview

"Vascommers" aim to deliver BRIGHT solution for your business. We have established partnerships with telecommunication companies and banks to build and develop a branchless banking system, server-based e-money system, and internal information systems. We enhance the experience of many business lines who need to grow and spread their market area towards many cities in Indonesia. 

To expand the business, PT. Vascomm Solusi Teknologi cooperates with PT. Sinar Jaya Proteksindo and PT. Sumber Jaya Proteksindo which is engaged in the procurement of goods and services for waterproofing, flooring, integral, strengthening, etc. which has been established since 2008 and continues to grow rapidly until now, handling various types of building projects, infrastructure, industry, etc. throughout Indonesia.

Trusted in the construction of SOE contractor projects such as PT. Housing Development, PT. Adhi Karya, PT. Waskita Karya, PT. Brantas Abipraya, PT. Wijaya Karya, as well as private contractors such as PT. Nusa Raya Cipta, PT. Total Bangun Persada, PT. Tata Mulia etc., also by many owners such as Ciputra World, Pindodelli, Semen Indonesia etc.

Address : PT. Sinar Jaya Proteksindo : Jl. H. Tibin No. 50 RT. 03 RW. 02 Kp. Setu - Bintara Jaya - West Bekasi 17136

Employee Benefit
- Health benefits - Lunch catering - Basic food allowance at the beginning of the month - Commission Each Project - Yearly bonus - Scholarships for outstanding children - The turn of the qurban ration - Departed for Umrah + pocket money after 5 years of work - Home Ownership and Renovation Program - Can work with children

1. Monitor accounts to identify outstanding debts
2. Investigate historical data for each debt or bill
3. Find and contact clients to ask about their overdue payments
4. Take actions to encourage timely debt payments
5. Process payments and refunds
6. Resolve billing and customer credit issues
7. Update account status records and collection efforts
8. Report on collection activity and accounts receivable status


1. Male/Female & Muslim

2. Proven experience as a Collection Specialist or similar role

3. High school diploma; Associate’s/Bachelor’s degree is a plus

4. Knowledge of billing procedures and collection techniques (e.g. skip tracing)

5. Familiarity with laws related to debt collection (e.g. FDCPA)

6. Working knowledge of MS Office and databases

7. Comfortable working with targets

8. Patience and ability to manage stress

9. Excellent communication skills (written and oral)

10. Skilled in negotiation

11. Problem-solving skills