Network Administrator

Company Overview

"Vascommers" aim to deliver BRIGHT solution for your business. We have established partnerships with telecommunication companies and banks to build and develop branchless banking systems, server-based e-money systems, and internal information systems. We enhance the experience of many business lines who need to grow and spread their market area towards many cities in Indonesia. Vascomm also working in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) to develop future technology like smart homes/offices and smart cities. At Vascomm, we believe that everything can be enhanced.

The network administrator is part of the IT Infrastructure System and Security division. As a network administrator, you will responsible for all network devices (routers/switches/firewalls), network cabling, bandwidth management, and network access control.

Employee Benefits

8 Hours flexible Working Time

Fun working place

Support and Clear Supervision

Competitive Salary

Overtime and Business Trip fees

Health Insurance Program

Project commission 

Bonus Based Program

Employee Training and Development

Career Path

  • Configuring network devices (routers, switches, firewalls, modems, access points).
  • Monitor all network devices and traffic on the network.
  • Ensuring the upstream and downstream conditions according to the SLAs provided.
  • Make documentation of every work or research carried out.
  • Apply a firewall at the network layer as needed.
  • Manage bandwidth as needed.
  • Perform sniffing of packets on the network if needed.
  • Planning for IP, VLAN and routing allocation, NAT / PAT, bridging, etc.
  • Block the network layer





  • Bachelor from IT-related major
  • Mastering the OSI layer, TCP / IP, VLAN, IP subnetting.
  • Mastering Linux (preferred).
  • Mastering proxy, switch manage, and FortiGate devices.
  • Familiar with the concept and can implement static and dynamic routing.
  • Understand and can implement VPN (IPSec / PPTP / L2TP, MPLS, and SSL / TLS based VPN).
  • Understand Wireless devices (unifi AP).
  • Understand and can apply the concepts of firewalls, IDS, and IPS.
  • Understand and can apply the concept of high availability.
  • Understand the concept of virtualization and server to be added value.