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Back End Developer

Back end Developers are the beating heart of our Company, we would love to have you join with us in engaging such important task


  • Bachelor degree in Information System and Computer Engineering from reputable University with GPA minimum 3.00 
  • Have a strong understanding and understand the concept of OOP, API, application architecture 
  • Understand SDLC (Software Development Cycle - Agile/waterfall/Scrum) work
  • Understand and master server-side scripting (NodeJs, Pyton, ASP, Php, etc) 
  • Experience implementing web services such as RESTful (Spring MVC or Spark Framework)
  • Mastering the version control (Git, Subversion, etc) system. 
  • Experience in analyzing a system 
  • Initiative and have a big passion in programming

Selection processes and placement will be in Surabaya

If you feel like you are the talented that could work with our team apply now!

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